Photography and Hasselblad H6D-100C Medium Format


Times are changing with photography and its been a long time since the professional photographer would stand in an office darkroom waiting for what seemed like forever for a photo to develop. Today’s photographers can produce a photo in minutes, and their deadlines are sometimes just as instantaneous. It comes with the territory.

With the advent of digital photography, the iPhone, and such programs as Photoshop, and with high end equipment like the Hasselblad H6D-100C Medium Format DSLR Camera, that can sell for over $30,000, the world is amass with photos and new technology. Amateurs have flooded the photo market, and professionals have had to change their methods to keep up. Advertising methods have changed greatly. Photo pros are posting their best work on personal websites that are SEO optimized for greater customer exposure. They are also posting photos on social media websites. Professional photographers have grown to see the world as their market, instead of just the customers in their local area.

Those who have been photographing for years and maybe even decades are going back to school and finding new ideas and methods to learn about technological advancements in photo production. They are taking new risks in photo design, redefining their business, and careers, and branching out into new areas, to define their own specialty which can make them stand out above the crowd in a very competitive niche.

The freelance opportunities are still there, if you can market yourself and are affluent in different categories. Jobs can still be found in web design, photo journalism, documentaries, wedding photography, and in the entertainment arena, as well as many others. Although many people are choosing to take their things into their own hands and shoot themselves, there are those who are still looking for the extremely high quality and artistic eye of the professional, and are willing to shell out the bucks for it.

The internet may have changed the amount of photos available and visual acuity has increased, but the creative element which utilizes lighting, imagination, and artistic effects to make a unique visual statement is still in demand, and it is what sets professional photography apart from the efforts of the amateur and those that are just tire kicking in the industry.